" we bring to you the experience of your celebration as honestly as we see it "

Weddings are an honest affair filled with a whirlwind of raw emotions which are both overwhelming and inspiring. To be there, along with the families, experiencing this act of redefining a relationship is a beautiful feeling by itself. What takes it a notch higher for us is being your designated photographer and pausing these memories which we believe will always take us back to how beautiful these relationships were.


Our portraits are an outcome of our conversations with a couple. The comfort level we establish with them has always been our first step in a photo shoot. We depend on this to bring to surface the intimacy and preciousness of their relationship. Invariably we end up with a bunch of beautiful, priceless moments irrespective of the location, which brings us great satisfaction.


Films as a medium of story telling is one thing which stirs our curiosity endlessly. Sometimes that one shot at a wedding would keep us hooked and we are not at peace until we get to see that shot in the end product. We are attached, absorbed and perfectionists when it comes to the films we make. It is a medium with many dimensions and textures, portraying a spectrum of emotions which makes it significant for us to understand the people around to get the story right. Their story becomes our vision.


A start with nothing but pure hope and energy to create something together as ONE, where every opportunity seems like a blessing till date.

Our true passion towards creating something beautiful everyday makes each one of us at Picturemakers euphoric at heart with all our energy invested in the work we do. We search, we learn and we apply.

Unadulterated happiness in every form is what we love to see in others and ourselves and we believe that our pictures are as truthful as it can get. Starting from our couple portraits to wedding images, the art we create is a reflection of ones persona.

Every moment at a wedding has been nothing but a celebration of our own. We believe we can celebrate our work by living it. A synergy that has brought all of us together has been the greatest thing that has happened to us and we promise to make the best of it.

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